Wind Damage Tulsa

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Wind Damage Tulsa

The roof of your house is your first line of defense against the elements. On a sunny day the sun can heat your roof to unbearable temperatures. On a rainy day it is the first to get soaked by the rain. On a windy day your shingles can get blown or torn away from your house. Finally, on those stormy days, a hail storm can beat up your roof and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. What kind of damage can a hail or wind storm actually cause? The most common type of roof damage is called storm damage Tulsa. This is damage caused by wind damage, hail, or both.

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Wind damage to shingles happens all the time especially when heavy storms have already recently ripped through the area. Wind damage rips shingles off of roofs with depressing regularity but it can also ruin shingles that are still left in place. Asphalt shingles are light and can be pulled up, thrown around or left cracked and in place depending on the angle and force of the wind. Whole sections can be pulled off at once too so it’s not just metal strip shingles or sheets that leave roofs with gaping, unsightly holes or the underlayer exposed to the elements.

Clay tiles, whose mortar has crumbled, can start a domino slide effect once they get loosed by the wind. Despite their weight, slate tiles and their cement imitators can be loosed from their moorings to eventually break away.

Small areas of shingle wind damage are considered minor and will more than likely fall under a homeowner’s insurance policy deductible. When that is the case, the roof repair is handled between the homeowner and their local roofing contractor. Any damages over the deductible are handled between the homeowner, their insurance company and the roofing contractor.

In 2009 hail storms caused over $1.2 billion worth of property damage in the United States. Often times this type of roof damage is not noticeable until other parts of your home have been affected. Hail damage hits cause a reduction in the life expectancy of your shingles. When hail hits your shingles the top layer of granules is removed from the matting causing damage in the form of small circular marks on the shingles.

These small marks eventually cause leaks leading to more costly damage such as interior drywall rot and upper roof decking damage. It may take months or years for leaks to form around these marks, but the ultimate cause is the hail. Delayed repairs can cause a lapse in the statute of limitations given by the home-owners insurance company leaving you, the homeowner, responsible for all the repairs needed. This is why it is very important to have a prompt inspection. You should not wait until you see a leak to call a storm restoration specialist.

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Wind damage occurs when strong wind gusts blow the shingles in such a way that it causes them to crease, crack, or blow completely off the roof decking. Creased or cracked shingles become weaker and will continue to blow back in future storms. As the shingle tabs continue to get blown back and forth upon the weakened crease, the shingle can eventually pull away and cause the roof decking to be exposed to the elements. Other times shingles will lift up from the shingle underneath it enough for debris to lodge underneath. Once debris is underneath the shingle, it will no longer properly adhere to the roof. These kinds of damage will compromise the integrity of the roof causing leaks and additional damage.

A seasoned roofing contractor will know that if there are missing shingles, there is the potential of other shingles still being deceptively in place but barely anchored down or broken. A misstep here on a loose shingle can cause a slip and fall so when wind damage to shingles happens, it makes a home’s roof a truly hazardous place to be.

The only way to know for sure the type of damage you have is to have a trained professional thoroughly inspect your roof. A roof restoration specialist can help you determine if you need your roof replaced.

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The two most important factors in calculating the cost of your Tulsa Wind Damage Roof Repair job are the style of roofing you want and the shape and pitch of your homes’ roof. Tulsa Roofing Pros will come to your home, inspect your current wind damaged roof and give you a free estimate for your wind damage roof repair.  We can also answer any questions you might have about our Energy Efficient Metal Roofing Systems and how they can save you money over time. Call 918-707-8150 to schedule your Tulsa Wind Damage Roof Repair appointment today.

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